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KSC 2018

KSC 2018 : 대한심장학회 제62차 추계학술대회
10.11 Thu. - 13 Sat. / Grand Walkerhill Seoul, Korea

일정표 및 초록검색

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  • Symposium
  • Intervention 2
  • Hot Issues in Antithrombotic Therapy
  • October 11 (Thu.) 15:40-17:10, Grand 1
  • Chairpersons: Matthew Todd Roe, Yangsoo Jang
  • Panel: Robert C. Welsh, Kyung Woo Park, Duk Woo Park, Yongwhi Park, Jong-Seon Park, Jang-Whan Bae, Young Bin Song, Young-Hoon Jeong

Expanding the Role of NOACs: Post PCI and Post TAVR?

[Speaker] David J. Moliterno/University of Kentucky, USA


Expanding the Role of NOACs: ACS and ASCVD

[Speaker] Matthew Todd Roe/Duke Univ., USA


P2Y12 Escalation and De-Escalation Strategy in Clinical Practice

[Speaker] Jung Rae Cho/Hallym Univ., Korea


New Trials on P2Y12 Intensity and Durations: GLOBAL-LEADER, TWILIGHT, and More

[Speaker] Robert A. Byrne/Deutsches Herzzentrum Munchen, Germany


Criteria and Clinical Decision for DAPT Duration after PCI

[Speaker] Kyung Woo Park/Seoul National Univ., Korea